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About the MemoryHome app 


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A memory palace is an age-old technique in which you walk through a familiar route in your mind to study, to find your way or to memorize lists. Advertising guys use them to connect feelings to products. The MemoryHome app included with the book 'A new memory palace' (9789401447409) deals with a new application of a memory palace : to remember loved ones for a longer period of time and to link them to memories and shared experiences. This way these routes become access routes to new forms of communication. Especially for people with Alzheimer's or dementia. These insights are also widely applicable in education, healthcare, coaching and supervision.


MemoryHome is a user-friendly, mobile application for tablets: easily accessible, scientifically-based and little time-consuming way to connect and strengthen people with dementia and their environment. The book 'A new memory palace' contains a unique download code to immediately start using this application. Let’s walk!



  • Build new memory palaces and visit them together
  • Anchor memories for people with dementia
  • Enhance ‘feeling at home’ in different situations
  • Explore new conversational topics in shared activities

Discover the possibilities of the app in 3 different environments in the following videotrailers:

  1. MemoryHome and home care
  2. MemoryHome in residential care
  3. MemoryHome and young dementia



Download and activate the app on your tablet

Download the app in the app store. The first time you start the app you have to activate it once with the unique download code that you can find in your book. To activate the app, your tablet must be connected to the internet. Make sure your wi-fi connection is activated on the tablet. 


>> Download in the Play Store from Google (for Android tablets)


>> Download in the App Store from Apple (for iPad)

Getting started with the app

Below you can download a 'Quick Start Guide' so you can easily start up the MemoryHome app.


>> Download ‘Quick Start Guide’ for MemoryHome